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. >>> still to come in this half- hour, a late breaking development about the new york city marathon after anger in all five boroughs. top. >> well, a little chilly today. high temperatures held in the low 50s. let me show you temperatures right now. temperatures are in the 40s to around 50. 47, or 49 as you get out to the college park area, 47 in gaithersburg. we'll come back and tell you what the windchills are and look ahead to the rest of the weekend. >>> but first, one of the worst bridges in our area is getting some attention, and it could put a detour in your weekend travel plans. we'll have that after the break. >>> a commuter alert about major work on one of our worst brimin the area. the bridge carrying washington boulevard has been rated poor in the past so now work is getting going to improve the inter change. that means this weekend columbia pike will be closed between south quinn street and south orem. if you need to be in that area find an alternative way to get around. in bethesda part of rockville pike will be closed between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. one northbound
. >>> it's good if you have an odd license plate in new york city on this first day of gas rationing in new york city and long island. cars are supposed to fill up on alternate days and so far it appears to be working. >> i think it's great. it's moving great. >> i've been in line hours before this odds and evens. now the line is only five minutes long. >> so new jersey started rationing last weekend after superstorm sandy disrupted fuel deliveries and created long lines at the pump. state officials say they are suing several stations for price gouging. some owners were charging 59 cents more per gallon during the crisis. >>> coming up on 9news going airborne. >> reporter: scott broom in largo, at 6:00 wait until you e this astounding flying machine that just might win. this group of university of maryland students may win a quarter million dollars. >>> it's an elusive prize some experts said no one will ever claim, but this week in largo some university of maryland students claim to be very close to claiming a quarter million dollars and making aviation history. today they showed scott b
olympic bronze medal. >>> despite criticism. this sunday's new york city marathon will be going on as planned. however the events on friday and saturday have been canceled. the mayor says that those emergency officials, they will not be used for the race. instead they are going to hire more private contractors for the marathon. and so they said that they are not going to cancel that they want to bring inspiration to the area, but a lot of people are not too happy about that. >> they will make it through. >> exactly. >>> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7:00. have a great night.
as 40,000 people may be homeless because of the destruction. most of the new york city schools open for the first time today but i was a rough commute as many people waited in long lines for the buses, the trains and the ferries. >>> we are donating $1 to the american red cross for every person who logs on to facebook and likes our page. please consider liking us. >> you are going to talk about another noreaster in a second. but battleground weather. >> we're lucky. sometimes in november we can get pretty big storms. just saying. not the case. we're in good shape. we will start out to the west in nevada and also colorado. doesn't get much better than this. sunshine and beautiful. low 80s. 63 in alamosa. and denver. up in wisconsin and iowa, there will be rain. a little bit of light snow and these folks are hardy. not a big deal. upper 30s to 40 in milwaukee. clouds in des moines and sunshine in sue city. >>> speaking of a good day, ohio, fantastic. sunshine in the 40s across the board except for cincinnati. you folks will be in the low 50s. that is a great day. new hampshire, that
now but today they still came out to vote. in the rock away section of new york city they brought in generators to power up makeshift polling spots. voters have been streaming in all day long. folks in hard hit parts of new jersey have been told they can vote by e-mail or fax. >>> still ahead, dualing campaigns -- dueling campaigns and dualing planes, to the presidential candidates' election night headquarters coming up. >>> candidates bought time on television stations like ours for three times the number of campaign ads that they did just forayers ago. forayers ago -- four years ago. you're tired of them and we are too. the ad for mitt romney that ran in the last break is the last one slated to run in any of the local television breaks today. we can't vouch for what's going to happen during cbs "evening news" from new york but take heart at knowing that at wusa9 the political ads are done. whoo. >> yeah and we actually have -- we have to sit through them. >> yes. >> we are -- just -- >> they're piped in our ears no escaping them. >> oh, yeah we are glad election day is here and
and smithsonian could cut back hours. you might not get that passport renewed in time for your trip. >> new york city is all, but shut down. >> reporter: and how about the next big storm? >> the weather guys will need to look out the window more often. >> reporter: meteorologists were able to track hurricane sandy using federal satellites. will they still be able to spend what they need? >> satellite controls navigation. that system won't be put in place. >> reporter: we could see the slowdowns at some airports. >> the faa will need to take some controllers out of the towers. they will be selective about how they do that and they said that they would not cut back on the major towers. >> reporter: fuller says everybody will be incon convenienced, but worse? >> just about everybody will see their taxes go up. >> reporter: people that work will see their payroll taxes go up and people that itemized won't be able to deduct child care expenses because congress has not continued those reductions. small businesses will lose money because of changes in the inheritance tax. >> we basically lose the gain
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6